The first of its kind, premium COLLECTION PLANNER created for emerging Fashion Entrepreneurs to take their creativity to the next level. Take it along as you move step by step through the DESIGN process so you can capture the full vision for your upcoming collection in the most convenient & organized manner.

Each COLLECTION PLANNER includes insider tips & guidance for . . .

▪️ You to begin to discover YOUR true WHY, which will position you to build a thriving Fashion brand.

▪️ You to hone in on YOUR long term VISION FOR YOUR BRAND

▪️ You to see the current & future STATE OF THE FASHION INDUSTRY so you can use it to your advantage

▪️ You to get a visual snapshot of the DESIGNER JOURNEY MAP

▪️ You to break down YOUR INVESTMENT options and cash allocation

▪️ You to map out YOUR brand goals and TIMELINE

▪️ You to see the simplicity of THE intuitive DESIGN PROCESS

▪️ You to get a feel for the seasonal concept of COLOR FORECASTS

▪️ You to be able to build out your MOOD BOARD, using your images, fabrics & inspiration for the season

▪️ You to utilize traceable CROQUIS so you can sketch your final designs with ease, even if you're a beginner!

▪️ You to frame out your FLAT SKETCHES and details

▪️ You to track and organize all MATERIALS for each style

▪️ You to calculate your basic COST, retail price & wholesale price PER UNIT and sure up your profit margin

▪️ You to keep track of YOUR favorite fabric VENDORS, plus sample & production facilities

▪️ You to carefully curate your circle of influence & YOUR NETWORK

▪️ You to tap into KEY industry publications

. . . annnd MORE ! ! !