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Frequently Asked Questions:

​Is there a place for hand-rendered Illustrations & Flat Sketches?

Absolutely. Six traceable CROQUIS are included. They will make illustrating your final designs much easier. There are also individual pages for twelve FRONT VIEW and BACK VIEW flat sketches, and an area for enlarged design details, as well.

​What about my Color Story & Mood Board?

Oh, yesss. Theres a place for your COLOR PALETTE for the season, plus a full 2-page spread for your MOOD BOARD. Gather your swatches, tear-sheets, etc., and enjoy!

​Will it keep my fabrics, trim info & factory contacts organized?

Yessss. That's one of the key features of the #DesignerJourney COLLECTION PLANNER. No more swatches all over the place! Your swatches & trim for each style, plus the fabric specs and vendor information all have a place to call home.


It's the COLLECTION PLANNER Fashion Designers have been waiting for for way too long.